How to maintain healthy nails?


Maintaining healthy nails is not only essential for beauty, but also provides a true portrait of your personal health. With this in mind, it’s important to take some time to take care of your hands and feet. So how do you keep your nails healthy and beautiful? Follow a comprehensive healthy lifestyle and use the following tips as a DIYer, or find a competent manicurist to make sure your nails get all the care they deserve.

Disinfecting nail equipment

Be sure to disinfect the tool properly with a disinfectant before each use to avoid contamination. The tool can only be placed in a sealed bag after disinfection to avoid bacteria.

File in one direction

When you lift in the opposite direction, your nails will tear and become furry over time – just like the strings on the violin. The back and forth movements create small cracks and cracks in the nails that eventually lead to uncontrollable cracks and cracks. Have the patience to rub your nails in one direction. The process may be a bit slower, but it will produce better and smoother end results.

Cut your stratum corneum

Cutting the stratum corneum produces tiny open wounds that pose a health risk to the fingers. The purpose of the stratum corneum is to protect your nails from infection. Use the stratum corneum oil and the stratum corneum pusher to push them back once a week because it creates a soft barrier. If there is no cuticle oil, use olive oil; it is a good substitute for cuticle oil, and most people have some in the kitchen. The stratum corneum is part of our existence. So protect and keep them.


Use a primer to extend the life of the manicure. Nail polish contains natural oils that prevent nail polish from sticking well and require a seal, which is the primer before using your favorite color. The base coat also prevents long-term use of dark polish to stain the nails. Do not use topcoats as a substitute; topcoats are heavy and take longer to dry and more difficult to dry.

Apply nail polish at moderate temperatures

High temperatures and humid temperatures prevent drying. The use of a polishing agent in fresh and dry weather is preferred. Give yourself time to dry your nails naturally or use a cooling fan to design a beautiful, long-lasting varnish.

For Polish

Sputum and smudges are the result of over-application of nail polish on the finger as it slowly dries and forms a lump. In addition, shaking the bottle creates trapped air and creates bubbles. It is enough to scroll a few times between your palms. Immersing and pulling the brush out of the bottle too many times creates bubbles – limiting this. Apply two layers of light-colored coating to the light-colored coating of the primer, and finally apply the fabric to finish it perfectly, because it dries faster and keeps you from any unfortunate accidents.

Clean up the nails

You don’t want to use a Q-tips to apply a pedicure/manicure because the cotton fibers stick to your polish. Use a polished makeup remover or if not, use a lint-free nail polish, immerse it in the nail polish remover, and carefully wipe off the stain on the skin before polishing. The scorpion head brush provided by the art store is also great.

Protect your nail polish

If you want a long-lasting manicure, use warm water when you wash your hair or wash your hair during the first eight hours of a manicure or pedicure. Hot water, rough work and nail polish are not mixed. Wear protective gloves when carrying out a large number of long-lasting hand activities.


Artificial nails are a short-term cosmetic repair that should be used in this way; people often find damage and thinning when they remove their nails after long-term use. Toward nature is always a choice.
Nail extensions and gels require maintenance every 2 or 3 weeks, even if this can result in damage to the natural nails.
Your nail bed and the surrounding stratum corneum area require weekly care. Gently push back to the stratum corneum after showering and massage some cuticle oil, you are happy until your next complete treatment.

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